[Holidays 2022 Sale] Excel Everest Lifetime Subscription

Get ready to master Excel for Mac. Why pay $400+ for a course when you can learn interactively through Excel Everest? This is the market-leading and only Microsoft Excel training course that teaches you by doing — 160+ interactive exercises across 40+ critical concepts. Get ready to impress your boss!What You’ll Learn

  • A deep understanding of all of the business critical aspects of Excel
  • The ability to quickly run analyses & interpret data in your day-to-day job and personal life
  • A keen sense of the biggest, most critical mistakes & errors people make in Excel and how to avoid them
  • Basic data visualization and furthered knowledge of how to make charts & graphs that tell stories

Why Excel Everest?

  • Easy-to-follow curriculum. 41 key business topics & over 160 interactive exercises, all organized logically
  • Lessons that aren’t boring. Hundreds of fun, interactive exercises so you learn by doing versus watching videos
  • Little-known Excel history. Learn how Excel came to be one of the most powerful pieces of software the world has created
  • What’s important, and why. Learn how to use critical Excel functionality as well as why it’s critical to your career
  • Practical exercises. Solve problems that you’ll find in your day-to-day career
  • Track your progress. There’s a scoreboard in Excel Everest so you’ll know exactly how you’re doing at each step of the journey
  • Fun games. Learn key concepts & become quicker and more efficient

  • Excel Everest Lifetime Subscription
  • Buy Here
  • Expires: Feb 2, 2023

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